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Found 5 results

  1. I've got this older ryobi 410r tiller. hadn't used it for along time. replaced the bulb and lines and filter and bang started like a new machine. used it abouta week and hadn't used the kill switch to shut it down. i did however use that kill switch the last time i used it. now i can't get to start. took the spark plug out to check for spark and nothing. any body got any ideas ?
  2. I recently received a Dewalt DW718 that was giving to me by a buddy because it didn't work. I already have changed the brushes (nothing) and armature only because it was given to me. I need a little advise as far as what steps or what should I go about doing next. I really would like to get it going because I could put it to good use or sell it & try to make a little profit off of it. What do y'all think?
  3. I have the DF030D, and I really like it....but, I seem to keep stripping something (the clutch?).Everything was going fine, and suddenly the drill had no torque, and just kept ratcheting under resistance. Is this a known problem with this model? Did I do something wrong to cause it to breakdown? any help would be appreciated. Thks
  4. I have a couple Milwaukee 18v brushless drills that have started acting up, or rather, not at all, for really short periods. Simple explanation is that very occasionally they just stop running for a little bit. They're not low on battery power, I always check that first. They just stop running for about 20-30 seconds, sometimes taking the battery out and putting it back fixes this, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the light on the underside will come on when I squeeze the trigger, sometimes it doesn't. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and what the causes might be.
  5. I have a Milwaukee Super Hole-Shooter drill Catalog No. 1854-1. I bought it used years ago. I has worked well for me. I have replaced the amature and most of the gears in it through the years. I recently replaced 2 gears and it seems to be running hotter than usual. The front case behind the chuck has been heating up more than I think it should be. The rest of the case is fine. It sounds normal when running even under a load. I'm wondering if a bearing could be bad.
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