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Found 3 results

  1. I am really loving this industry push towards a cordless jobsite. With Milwaukee and Ridgid coming out with proper battery miter saws and Dewalt with their miter saw, table saw and power source the future is almost here. Can we all agree that stationary tools/saws/room lights/fans and vacuums should all have receptacles for an extension cord? Even Ryobi can afford to put these on their moderately priced 18v light and fan, both. I am looking at the purchase of a Milwaukee miter saw, but without a way to plug it in..... this is kind of a deal breaker. Future table saw, lights, fans and small vacuums will also get the same thought process. You do you guys look at this?
  2. Hi I have been looking at purchasing this extractor for a while now. I am unable to find anyone that will give me a straight answer about the power take off for my tools. In the manual supplied with the extractor it states that a max of 440w can be taken through the power take off. I have spoken to an electrician on site and he said that he sees no reason for such a low wattage. Other than the fact that as a general rule only 1760w can be used on a 110v 16 amp feed. 110 x 16 =1760w ish. And with the extractor having a 1400 w motor on it, leaving little for a take off tool. So I suggested I was to plug the extractor in to a 110v 32amp feed, effectively giving 110 x 32 = 3520w ish, allowing for a much higher take off power for the tools. He agreed but was unwilling to say that the extractor would be able to take the extra wattage running through the resistors or the auto switch on the take off system. So I am unsure about purchasing it and risking damaging a £500 bit of kit!!! Does any of this make sense to anyone. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?? I am a Joiner by trade and have numerous tools I would like to attach to the extractor which are much higher than 440w, e.g. DW718XPS mitre saw which has a 1675w motor on it. If anyone can, please help Thanks
  3. was browsing the Milwaukee website, and came across this http://www.milwaukeetool.com/power-tools/cordless/0850-20 update: milwaukee has removed all trace of this vac from their website
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