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Any of you guys run across the Ingersoll-Rand W7150-KL2


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There is a lot of buzz on the car/garage forums about the Ingersoll-Rand-W7150-KL2. Have any of you all run across this tool and is it worthy of use for the building trades? How does it compare to the Milwakee 0779-22 and the Dewalt DC800KL? The specs seem to to point to the IR being about twice the tool of the others but we all know how specs often translate into real life tools, I'm really wondering how a 20v tool can best a 28v or 36v tool.

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Cheap tools over here quite reasonable prices over all.

I don't think the quality is bad either :)

We don't get companies doing comparisons like this over here because they get shot down in flames so quickly.

We have impact wrenches with over 1900 inch pounds of torque.

1900 in-lbs = 160 ft-lbs.

Ingersol-Rand are claiming 1100 Ft-Lbs. vs Milwaukees M28 325 Ft-Lbs.

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That sounds a little excessive LOL but they do come down hard on false advertising over here,so one can only assume those numbers must be accurate.

Well the car guys are bragging on them so there is something to them, shop work is different than work on the jobsite though, so I'm still wondering if they are worthy. They are kind of pricey so it does deserve some research.

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It's hard to imagine a cordless with that much ass behind it.

I could imagine it.

I could also imagine it only being able to do a few fasteners before the battery died, and having it break down pretty quickly to boot. That's what makes me nervous about throwing down some cash.

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It seems they are being accurate and the tool does exactly as they say.

I have just spent a few hours researching this and contacting folks and they are high end quality for sure.

I am looking at a cordless drill and an impact driver right now that look very cool indeed. :)

Any word on battery life?

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