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One Down 70 to Go....Err I Mean 140....


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you wouldn't know it but these decals are 23" x 13 feet long......both side of cans.....

went on smoother than I thought.....for not being flat....


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3 hours ago, Glasseyi said:

Wow 13 feet. Comp, when it's that big is there a lot of waste? Or do you just buy the width you need. Nice work, I'm still trying to figure how to get one under the radar lol. 

Vinyl comes in 15" 24 " 30" 48" so ya you either get what you need or design to suit. In this case the logo is 23" at the widest but I designed letters 15" tall so I cut all of them out of a 30" roll.  And the larger part out of a 24" so hardly and waste with letters and hardly any waste with logo. You could do it all with a 24" roll but then you would be using way more. It  is pretty much like anything else.... plate steel or sheets of plywood cutting it out for the least amount of waste. Or if yo know you have dead spots you can fill it in by cutting out misc items to take it up for future use.

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5 minutes ago, Glasseyi said:

Yes that's what I figured, and you do that with mostly software? I assume. Good going. 

you use software to design your cut but when it comes to what you will cut and how to cut with little to no waste it is on your end to figure out placement.

At least the software I use doesn't have an option to minimize material waste.

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The machine has limit switches for the plotter blades? If I remember thats how the one we used in Air Force worked but that was long ago. We made all sorts  of decals and such for aircraft and all sorts of things.

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