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battery problem

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i have a craftsman lt2000 lawn tractor from 2009. the last time we change the battery was 2011. for the past 2 years (2015-2016) we have been needed to jump start the battery to get it going. if we need to shut it off for to move something it will start up fine. i just put my multimeter to the battery and got 12.2v. what could be causing this?

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Won't hold a charge for whatever reason it has become sulfated



What I have done multiple times, since its bad already and have nothing to lose, remove from vehicle (or mower in your case) and put on a manual charger at 30 amps or whatever the charger can do around that amount. Leave it overnight like that. Clear the air before you get near the battery, it builds up hydrogen gas, sparks make it go boom. Turn charger off, disconnect from battery and reinstall. This has worked on so many batteries for me!

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