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thickness planer or combo

jon burgess

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On 5/23/2016 at 0:55 PM, jon burgess said:

i have a small shop. i want a thickness planer relatively cheap.(300-600) what is a good one to buy? or should i buy a jointer/planer combo.


I would not get a combo. Yes, they save on space, and you can pick up a Jet combo within your budget. But, the jointer/planer combo sucks at doing both things. I highly suggest picking up two separate tools. You will thank yourself in the end and be a much happier woodworker. I only have anecdotal experience with the combos, apparently, you will be constantly checking the blades for parallel when you switch between functions. As the crew members mentioned, the DeWalt planer is kickass. Have a look at the Rigid planer as well, I know the guys over at FineWoodWorking have given it a good review and it's a bit cheaper. I have an old Delta jointer that works well. Jointers can be expensive, try Craigslist for a good old one.

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