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Batteries on eBay


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Do you guys trust battery sellers on ebay? Alot of them say "new battery taken from kits....". They don't come with factory packaging. 




How is it that these people get so many batteries out of kits? They all have good ratings, but it just seems too good to be true. 



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I've bought quite a few batteries on eBay no issue, make sure they are us sellers and they have pictures of multiple sides. Your always taking a risk but they've always paid out for me. Lot of guys take advantage of promos and split kits up and sell it all I.e. HD holiday 150 off promo.


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2 minutes ago, NicholasShetley said:

I bought a 4.0 and a 5.0 m18 battery on eBay and they work great. I agree with jimbo and they take advantage of promotions going on and sell the extra batteries. How often do you see Milwaukee running a free battery promotion? 

Non-stop pretty much

Also never go with knockoffs!

If they are Milwaukee OEM batteries, they will have warranty if they are new and they come to you and don't work for whatever reason

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I just rolled the dice on some Ebay batteries too.  Two genuine Makita BL1850-B for ~$80 a piece, so I guess we will see.


I looked at the sellers feedback and he had a few good comments about the batteries he was selling so I felt good about it.


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