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Milwaukee 5262  7/8 SDS+ Hammer


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 About a year ago I decided to upgrade my old hammer drill to a new SDS+ D-Handle model. The reputation of the Bosch Bulldog made it seem like the obvious choice but I decided to compare some other models before deciding on anything. When I ran across the Milwaukee 5262 it caught my eye. Both models were roughly the same price and amperage (7 for the Milwaukee vs. 6.9 for the Bosh) and while the Milwaukee drilled @1500 rpm vs. 1100 for the Bosch, the Bosch edged out the Milwaukee in the BPM category delivering 6,150 to the Milwaukee's 5,625. Ok, so maybe that's just splitting hairs but it is worth noting. What caught my attention was the weight of the Milwaukee. At just 5.8 lbs the 5262 is the lightest tool in it's class and a full pound lighter than the Bosch. Milwaukee achieves this through the absence of any type of AVS (Active Vibration System) . A pound doesn't sound like much until you find yourself drilling over head all day. The 5262 takes a different approach to vibration control and relies on it's light weight design to do so. It sounds like a terrible idea, but it works. Milwaukee claims the absence of the AVS system helps provide a 15% longer service life and while I can't confirm or deny that claim, I suppose  it seems logical. The Milwaukee delivers an impressive 2.4 ft. Lbs. of impact energy as apposed to the Bulldog's 1.6. Though it is listed as a 7/8 model, the 5262 actually specs out a lot closer to the 1" Bulldog model rather than the 7/8" model I compared it with. The Milwaukee intrigued me enough to lay down the $199 required and after a quick trip to Ohio Power Tool the drill arrived in about 2 days. Out of the box the tool felt really nice in my hands and had all the functions I expected from it such as a 360 degree side handle, depth rod (both of which are tool- less),  as well as the standard Drill only, Hammer only, drill and hammer functions, and the ability to rotate the chisel to optimum working angle. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the included blow molded case offered sufficient room for bit storage as well. After a year of use I can say with honesty that I am 100% satisfied with the tool. It breezes through the stuff I throw at it and I've yet to find myself in a situation where I felt I was pushing it's limits.  I am an occasional user but I find myself making excuses to drag it out of the cabinet. Milwaukee's approach to vibration control seems to work well and I've actually had a couple of Bosch users say they would give the 5262 a hard look when they purchase a new SDS drill. I would recommend the 5262 to anyone who requires a 7/8 capacity drill, especially anyone who does a lot of overhead drilling. Being a D-Handle model there are obviously tools better suited for close quarters but as far as performance goes the 5262 is a capable option. I could see all day, every day, users wanting something with an AVS, but the 5262 is definitely worth a look.

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It seems the way it is going is to have it made in China but watched over, designed, and marketed by someone from your own country.

I hate it but short of everyone saying NO I only buy from us and our allies,the trend will continue.

I'm buying more used tools, luckily there are still a fair amount of them in good condition around....

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