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Need some suggestions


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Long story as short as possible, I am an Assistant Scoutmaster in a Boy Scout troop and every year we have a local camporee in the town our troop is based out of with some other units. My troop is always in charge of building the bonfire and I am put on that with my dad. The other leaders in the troop refer to me as Hephaestus ( Greek God of fire) due to my amazing fires that I build. Last year we made a "Flaming Arrow" to light the fire. A cardboard arrow that we light and sent down a wire into the fire. (Hopefully you guys understood that! ) That work perfectly. Now this year we have to top that and do something even cooler. That is what I need suggestions for. So have at it and let me hear what you think! 

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How about going backwards to bare simplicity do a stick and rope on dry leaves and then add to it and keep adding till you have the giant bomb fire

From a fan of tools with lots of assistance from Siri #TIACREW

Not quite picturing it Tony...?


How about dressing up as lady liberty and lighting the pile with the "torch"

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Humm. How crazy did you want to get? A Rubens Tube is really cool. It allows you to see standing waves. Its a physic concept. Easy to make. Some PVC and fittings. You can play a song and see it 'dance' towards the bonfire. Might not be a practical way to light the bonfire but it would be an awesome effect. 




One of many example of 'how to build'




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