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Going for a ride boys!


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12 day stint at work and it's Friday boys!!!!! Going to Lebanon Maine over the border to get some dirt and mud time with my brother! And that's why this dude ain't getting no friggin mini van!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooo friggin hoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!


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14 minutes ago, ChrisK said:

Hahaha, to quote the dude that taught me everything about investigations....



Now I really scared to get scared to have a cavity search from Chris K now!! Sorry I went there Chris!!

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52 minutes ago, T75R said:

Good for you dude. BTW awesome Tundra! I have one myself. How much do you love that monster!

Tommy, absolutely awesome. TRD SR5 with full down rear window, heated seats. Super good at towing heavy loads. Of course if got 679 miles on this one! I just traded my 3 year old double cab. Lost some bed length but with junior K on the way, a bigger back seat was needed! I cannot get over how friggin big the back seat area is.

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1 hour ago, T75R said:

Damn I don't even think my tank is that big.  I have a 2014 crew cab limited edition. All the bells and whistles of course.  Best purchase I've made so far!  And yes the backseat is like an apartment!

Yeah Tommy, my Double was a 14 I bought in 13. They upgraded the tank size on the Limited and the SR5 packages. I almost got an upgraded SR5 Limited but I like the TRD package. The heavy duty suspension is pretty sweet plus the TRD has the 18" wheels as opposed to the 20" wheels. I don't plan on driving my "ladies truck" to the fruit bar. It's a truck. I don't need big 20" low pros when there's 18" of snow on the ground, or I'm hauling a horse trailer over class VI roads.

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