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Upgrading the 5Ah XR to 6Ah


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I just got a kit today with the DCD995 and the DCF886. I am pretty excited, but since I am always curious, I decided to open one battery pack to see what cells are inside. I found out that the batteries inside are the Samsung 25R which are rated at 2500mAh and 20A. I have been using these batteries on my vaping mods and they are excellent performers. (The previous 4Ah batteries, have the Samsung 20R which are rated at 2000mAh and 20A)


Anyway, my thought is, that after the warranty on the batteries expire, to replace the cells with the better LG HG2 which are also 20A batteries but the capacity is 3000mAh. This will effectively make the batteries 6Ah batteries. Of course the charing time will increase a bit, but a few minutes is not a big deal.


Do you think thats worth the fuss or not?

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I think Bremon might be talking about the newer 20700 form factor cells rather than the usual 18650 cells found in tool battery.


This is how (I believe) Dewalt are planning to overcome the amperage output issue of 18650 3000mAh cells. I believe Tesla just moved to these cells as well, and Metabo LiHD batteries already use them.

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In other words, essentially that won't work. The 6ah batteries that are planned for the 20v line are upgraded 20700 as mentioned above, which won't fit in current battery boxes. The new batteries will be larger to accommodate the bigger size. 

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