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Bosch ROS65VC 5"/6" random orbit sander w/vib ctl.

John Glassey

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Stop! Do not order this, it's the Wrong Item! I'm Sorry.   


I found this Bosch sander in stock up in a store to the north lol. Canada. Stores name is Elite, I'm sure was given to me by the one and only Comp56. Thanks Comp, again. I know a few of you have been asking about this sander. It is in a class of its own. Those few that have know. This sander has been discontinued by Bosch, and is no longer for sale in the us and as far as I know Canada as well. This may be your last shot to get it. Good luck. 



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27 minutes ago, kruton said:

I already bought a nice sander from some dude here on the forum so I'm out. Even though it's a Bosch...I'm out!

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Hahahahaha yeah. Never mind! Bosch who??????

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