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Ginsu Shovel?


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My buddy that died this summer sold Cutco knives for awhile. He wasn't very good at it but they were damn good knives.

One of my old roommates was a salesman type, he tried selling all kinds of things, He even used to sell these supper cheap Chinese/Taiwanese ratchet sets whose quality was soooo bad it almost defied description. I still have a few of the Cutcos he sold me, at least they lasted a lot longer than those other tools. I also have a friend who is a chef, if you think Cutco is expensive, don't ever think of looking into the knives pro chefs use.

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Cutco was pretty ruthless when my buddy worked for them. His manager would call 3 or 4 times a day checking on him and pressuring him to find victims. They were like knife wielding pimps. He didn't last very long.

I was under the impression my room mate was a free agent just selling them under commission. I think he was only selling them part time along with a couple of other things like magazine subscriptions or Fuller brushes. He was a pretty good salesman and didn't like being tied down, He might even still be selling them, I don't recall him ever quitting.

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My buddy was in one of those managed, sub-contractor, situations. Lot of pressure to sell.

My friend used to tell me about one of the high pressure sales jobs he had, with pep rallies every morning and constant contact to push more sales, and how they used to ride them to take week long road trips in teams to try and move even more product. He made it to manager in that organization before he struck out on his own as a freelancer.

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