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20v Max battery charging


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Someone had got into a bad batch in an older thread and determined the charger was malfunctioning, purchased from the same place around the same time, just bad out of the box. I've had 9 chargers from Dewalt and gave 3 to buddies and all of them are still going strong no issues. 

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Sending it back, another kit on the way.




What's next if Dewalt fails me?!


Ahw shoot that sucks, never had such a bad streak of luck as you, must be something in the air ? lol!!

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On 7/3/2016 at 1:49 AM, wildroamer said:

I'm noticing that my new 5ah batteries only show 2 bars after charger stops charging. Anyone else have this experience?


I'm not sure if the charger isn't fully charging them, or if the battery charge indicator is not accurate.

Hi I have just attempted to charge my 5ah batteries not genuine dewalt that are showing 2-bars the red light on charger showing red  fully charged. I have charged two dewalt 2.0ah batteries ok showing three bars.

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