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Saw Stop...stopped?


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How can it be legal to force everyone to have to have something the patent for which is owned and controlled by one individual????????

It is not legal, The Sawstop guy is trying to get legislators to pass a law for a safety standard, and he has hedged his bet against anyone else coming up with an idea that he has not patented.

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Years ago this guy tried to market his SawStop safety brake mechanism (either supplied or made under license) to most if not all of the major table saw manufacturers. After several years of no takers (perhaps it was a pricing issue) he decided to go into the table saw business himself incorporating his patented safety brake device in all models.

The technology is great and pretty simple BUT, and this is a BIG but, he will no longer make the safety brake device itself available to any competitor and is bent on running them all out of the table saw business unless they can make their saws equally safe. The primary purpose of the safety brake device, operator safety, is being used as justification for all his legal attempts to monopolize the market that rejected his offer to supply or license.    

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