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Bump on grips from bad alignment and wide seams


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Is anyone getting a bump or step in the grips of their Metabo cordless tools where the seam/left and right sections come together and don't meet up precisely enough? 


Both the blower and impact wrench I have are doing this. The blower has a 1mm difference! It gets quite uncomfortable as you can always feel a seam/bump. 


Does anyone see this with other brands? 


The Bosch 12v tools I have are near perfect, very smooth and you can't notice the seams at all. The plastic sections also meet up very close all around the tool. Metabo almost always has a bit of a gap all around the tool seam, both on the plastic and over mould parts. 


I'm quite disappointed with Metabo on this, everything else about the tools are high quality. Other brands seem to have almost no gaps and smooth grips (in photos online anyway). 




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I just opened up the blower and it looks like the bump is caused by the rubber being thinner on the left.  


So I have 4 tools with handles and 2 out of 4 have this problem. Very disappointed. All of them have quite a wide seam across the whole tool too.


Just google for any metabo tool and you'll see the wide seams/grooves (especially their new brushless drill). 

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On 7/7/2016 at 4:55 AM, jeffmcmillan said:

Metabo is the last brand I'd expect that from and I've never seen that on a tool before except as a result of some nasty impacts.  Get them swapped out if you can.

Exactly, this is quite a surprise....  what did you find out, @D W ?

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9 hours ago, The.Handyman said:

I just got the Metabo 18v circular saw and reciprocating saw. Both are made in the People's Republic of China but the tools look great, feel great, and the grips line up on the handles.


That's really good to hear as I'm starting to question if Metabo quality is somewhat hyped. I just noticed my new reciprocating saw also doesn't line up towards the bottom (so that makes 3 out of 4 tools with the issue).


I'm sending the blower back to claim under warranty. It's extremely uncomfortable, especially for long periods.


I can live with the others having the issue but envy the perfect over mold on the other brands (seriously Metabo, why can't you achieve the same precise over mold?). 

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Ive said it before but here in Europa metabo is put in thesame row as Bosch, Makita, dewalt, Milwaukee...


I believe you USA People are indeed overhyping the Quality abit [emoji14]

The tools that are made in Germany are the main attraction, basically any took not made in China gets some postive attention, maybe even more than it should lol


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