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5th Wheel rails


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These are the rails for my 5th wheel camper. I got a new truck and they took these out of my old truck.

I'm getting these rails put in next week and need to get these sanded and painted by then.

Here are a few pictures of the rails.

This is a picture of the bottom. I already used paint stripper on both. One that I sanded and the other that I have not sanded yet.

Is the one that I sanded look good enough to paint. It does have some pits in it (which I know that I'm not going to get the pits out) with some rust inside the pits.

Do I need to work on the rust in the pits more and if I do what would I use?

5th wheel rails (1024x768).jpg 


The second picture is the top of the rails

5th wheel rails 2 (1024x768).jpg


The third picture is the whole rail

5th wheel rails 3 (1024x768).jpg


The forth picture is the rails and the paint I intend to use

5th wheel rails 5 (1024x768).jpg

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Bead blasting would be ideal. Another easier option is to use a rust convertor (they call it rust remover but it just converts red rust iron(III) oxide into tannate and iron(II) oxide) and then prime and paint. They should carry it at any hardware store.

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rust converter,rust killer, yeah same product of many names  if you have a  dremel and some ofthe sanding accessories that works too. Whatever you do make sure to clean everything good with acetone or denatured alcohol before painting.

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Well I did a combination of suggestions.

I used a stripper to remove the paint.

Random-obit sander to sand.

I used a wire wheel. 

Propane torch to get rid of any moisture.

And wiped Denatured alcohol to clean.

Just got done spraying the primer on. I see that I'm going to need to sand alittle bit before putting a second coat of primer on.

Man I hope these turn out nice!!!


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8 hours ago, KnarlyCarl said:

Nice!! Have you every used the system with a ball in the bed of the truck?

Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk

No I've never pulled with a Gooseneck hitch.

I've only pulled with pull behind hitch trailers before I got the fifth wheel camper

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