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Where were you when the towers fell.


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I can't believe it's been eleven years already.

I was in Connecticut loading a truck with petunias to take into Westchester county in NY when the first plane hit and driving to my delivery spots when they fell. It was a memorable day with a lot F-15s and other assorted military aircraft flying around.

May they all R.I.P.

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Sorry I just saw this. Route 16 Newington NH. There was a radio broadcast. I pulled in to the mall parking lot, I have friends that work in the security department and they have a TV. Watched the second one hit. God Bless those people and their families and our allied troops. I will NEVER forget.

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Let all Nations remember when scum struck at the heart of our friends,they may have taken many lives, and the innocence of others through acts of complete and utter evil, but they will never break the bonds that bind all the good people of this world. Who allied together against such mindless cruelty, will turn over every stone on this planet until we find those responsible, and END this fight we did not start, PERMANENTLY.

God bless all those we lost, they're Families and to every Serviceman and Servicewoman, we thank you with all our hearts, hearts you fill with pride.



God save the Queen and God bless America and all our other allies.

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