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Aftermarket batteries


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Indeed I did buy some knock-off Dewalt batteries. I wouldn't buy them on Ebay, however. I purchased through Amazon and it just so happened to be on fire sale. 


As Bremon said most avoid them, myself included, but the reviews for what I bought were good with a low failure rate. 


I spent $46 (usually $80) for 2 5ah batteries that are usually about $200 for the Dewalt brand so there was no way I could pass it up. The initial quality impressions is very positive, the contacts engage tight into the tool, the cases are of good moldings and seem to be durable. The LED battery indicator is many times brighter than the Dewalt brand...so much so they actually double as a makeshift flashlight. I haven't gone through more than one recharge cycle on either battery yet (they shipped fully charged) but I'm liking what I see so far. 



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Reading the reviews, it looks like people are generally happy if they can charge them. There may be issues with working with all Dewalt chargers. 


Personally, I'd stay away from aftermarket batteries in any tool that's under warranty.  Lithium ion tool nowadays have computers inside of them that will rat you out if you use an off branded battery. You can usually find good deals on batteries with kits or as bonuses to get them cheaper than full retail. 

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4 minutes ago, Bremon said:

You're just dealing with an unknown quantity at that point, and most guys have too much money invested in their tools to mess around much. Most job sites you go with what you know; techniques, tools, brands, even batteries. 

You must have meant quality... I'm just guessing tho, since edit still seems to be useless, and you can't change it if you tried.....

But yes, I know I won't have an issue if I stick with a trusted name, no warranty questions on the tool if I use OEM batteries, too much money in the tools to take the chance that it may damage the tool(s) 

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