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Cleaning headlights...


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So Dan had a Periscope going showing him cleaning headlights. I just want to say...trust me folks when I say "toothpaste works"...because toothpaste works. I used it on my van headlights a couple of times and on my wife's Escape a couple of times, each time it took about two minutes and the headlights went from yellow to clear. You're supposed to use non-gel non-abrasive toothpaste, standard white cheapo toothpaste I guess. But, I've used the half-gel stuff like Crest whitening, Aquafresh, etc, and it's worked just fine. Just be careful about abrasive stuff because you'll scratch the shit out of your headlights. You can use a standard hand towel, I use that or microfiber, doesn't seem to make a difference. Rub the toothpaste on, rub it off. A little elbow grease if need be and you're done.





Oh, and that Rigid work light...holy shit that thing is bright. I want one...




P.S..: Hey Dan, if you're having issues with your knees get yourself a decent TENS unit. I have several and have used TENS and EMS for too many years to count. They work spectacularly to help with a lot of physical issues. I use mine on my knees, elbows, other joints, and they always work to reduce or remove pain. Use an EMS to help keep the surrounding muscles strong too, that'll help with a lot of joint issues, especially the knees.

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Oh, and if you ever do get any damage to your headlights, Mother's Power Plastic 4Lights works great. I dropped the leaf blower on the headlight of my new car...put a nasty scuff into it. Hand sanded it down to 2000 grit (obviously I've done this kind of work before so I knew how to fix it), then power buffed it with the Mother's. Headlight looks like new now, even though I know where the scuff was I have a hard time seeing any signs of it

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