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Good fitting spanners/wrenches


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I'm looking for a good set of spanners/wrenches that are tight fitting and was hoping some of you could provide some measurements and first hand experience.


I have a set of Stanley combination spanners but they don't fit too well and tend to round off the nut. The 13mm open end measures 13.21mm and 15mm measures 15.22mm.

I have a single Kincrome 13mm that measures 13.10mm. This spanner works very well. Some cheap store brand spanners I also have (ToolPro) are loose fitting also measure about +0.22mm greater with each size.


So perhaps +0.1mm is the magic mark for good fitting spanners. The cheaper brands (from 2 of my samples) seem to be upwards of +0.2mm, which results in a loose fit.


Can anyone provide a recommendation and measurements of some good fitting brands?


I assume top brands fit well but was hoping someone could provide some first hand evidence.


To help decide I have ordered a single spanner from 5 different brands so I will post measurements when they arrive (Sidchrome, Facom, Britool Expert, Gearwrench, Stahlwille, Teng).




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I have Gearwrench and I don't have a rounding off issue, though I'd have to measure for you.


I wouldn't overlook Toptul, the pics and reviews I've seen are very impressive. The price is right, made in Taiwan, great seller too. http://www.ebay.com/itm/TOPTUL-GPAN1201-13-pcs-75-Degree-Offset-Combination-Wrench-Set-Super-Cool-/122122285840?hash=item1c6f0e3310:g:ElkAAOSw8-tWYFtB

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Toptul looks great, thanks for the link. I like the look of the similar Toptul super torque, Facom 440, Sidchrome 440, and Teng 8 series.



Ok, first order has arrived; A 15mm Gearwrench reversible ratchet spanner. The open end measures 15.20mm and it is loose fitting.



I don't think I've seen a single review mention the fit of spanners. Finish seems to be the most discussed, sometimes feel is mentioned but definitely nowhere near enough. 

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The Sidchrome 440 pro series 15mm open end measures 15.14mm. The open end is anti-slip, so perhaps it requires a bit more of a loose fit. Regardless, it seems to fit quite well once it is 'locked' in. The box end fits extremely well!


I have no idea if the fit will be consistent in each range across all sizes. Perhaps a 15mm fits well, but a 13mm does not.

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