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Dewalt 18v XR battery's


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Have you bought them new pal?

Tip for you here as you probably already know lithium batteries when they goflat and ready tore charge the tool just stop.DO NOT press the trigger again under any circumstances, put it on charge right away and also charge them to max before leaving for any length of time.This will give you longer battery life and you won't damage them.

You should then get well over 2000 cycles out of a battery but that will depend on how you look after them.

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When you say XR I assume your talking about the XRP Nano's. There are several contributing factors but the rule of thumb I've always heard is that Ni-cad batteries have an 800-1000 cycle lifespan while Lithium ion batteris around 2000 cycles. I'm not pretending this holds true with all manufacturers but I would say its probably pretty close. You can charge the lithiums at any point. Chargers now days monitor the batteries to prevent most human error. They won't charge is they're too hot or too cold, they won't over charge, etc. Cordless tools are light years ahead of where they were a few years ago.

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cheers guys, got my XR (20v max) kit today, didnt sleep a wink last night either! batterys are awesome and the grinder weighs nothing compared to xrp grinder. got my batterys on charge now too, got rid of that anoying foam in the tough cases aswell as it eats up loads of room. hopefully dewalt are going to bring out more 18v XR tools so i can add to it :D totally over the moon with it

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