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Dewalt discontinuing 20v outdoor tool-line?


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End of the season? pffft. Here it just means you can get by with every other week.


Chances are it didn't sell well so they just didn't refill stock.  It's even more confusing on Home Depot where they actually stay "discontinued" when in reality they just stopped stocking the product.


20V OPE is unlikely to disappear because it sells well with people who don't need a dedicated OPE line.


The large 40V 7.5Ah pack has 30 cells and two 60V packs have 30 cells so I have a feeling there will be 120V OPE.  40V won't be discontinued but neither has the 12V "line"

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lol end of season for retail means something completely different than it does for normal people. Fall gear gets cleared out for Halloween crap which in turn gets replaced by Xmas gear before the kids are done their candy. Those trimmers and blowers are taking up valuable real estate in the "seasonal" department. 

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Here in Houston, Lowes hasn't ever carried 20V yard equipment that I've seen. Home Depot has had the 20v yard equipment on an end cap for at least, all summer. They just moved it all over to the OPE section in the past few weeks. 


Seasons changing and depending on your location, every region will do different things. 


I little birdy told me there may actually be an EXPANSION to the 20v OPE around Spring 2017. 

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