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Need a Little Help


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Good Day Crew!


I really hate to ask for help, but I am a little short on funds due to my father funeral.  I set up a "go fund me page" to help out if you are able to.


I feel really bad, having to ask for help, I sold off a few things I was not using anymore, and a couple things that I used all the time.


Link - 



I will be happy to send a PM of the "book of memories" from the funeral home, just don't want to post it publicly. 



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Thank You to who ever gave the anonymous donation.  


I want to put out a feeler, if anyone would be interested in buying the DeWalt DCN660 w/ a 5.0 Battery and Charger that I received has member of the month here at TIA. I have only ran about 100 nails through it, to test it out.


I really hate that I may have to part with this, however, my go-fund-me campaign is not working. 


Like they say, when it rains, it pours, has I also had to buy 2 "used" front tires for the family truckster, and I don't think it will last much longer. It has over 200,000 miles on it.


I can't wait until 2016 is over, this has been the worst year for me and my family.  I always keep my head up, and look to the positive vibes. 



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