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Dewalt DCD780C2


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Hello Everyone,

new member....let me get straight to the point. Had my work tools stolen a few weeks ago...need a whole new bag of tools (hopefully from insurance money). Has anyone (tradesman) tried the DCD780C2 by Dewalt. I have checked Amazon.com and it has favorable reviews but the people on their are just average joe's, i would prefer a tradesmans review...so far I only found one here DCD780C2 from a tradesman which is poistive but I was hoping for a couple more before I buy as I want a tool that lasts a while, and has postive tradesman reviews...my old tools were mainly Makita but Im not exactly loyal to them to be honest.

Thanks for any responses in advance. If you dont rate it what would you recommend, like I said, im buying a whole new tool bag with insurance money, Im basically starting from scratch.

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What trade are you pal?

This will decide what advice I can give because if you are a U.K user there are different options to the guys in the U.S and Australia e.t.c.

Great tool for light to medium repetitive work, small but by no means a slouch, but max capacity in wood is 38mm and 13mm in metal.So if you want a drill to take a hole saw through ceilings with large hole saws for lights or pipes or if you are going to be drilling larger holes through timber this is not the drill for you.

If Dewalt is your weapon of choice and you are doing any of the above I would go for it's big brother DCD985l2 and go for the combi drill version because why have a drill with no hammer action?

The model number may be different depending on what country you live in.

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I don't have this drill but my dad does and I've used it lots of times. Wayne hit the nail on the head. It's a nice general purpose model but its not a heavy duty outfit. Depending on what you plan to do with it, it may work just fine for you, but for a Trade worker I'd suggest its big brother. You're not going to be using many hole saws, spade bits, or boring bits with this one. I'd go bigger for trade work, but I'm a go big or don't go type of guy. Let us know what you decide.

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If you're set on Dewalt the DCD985L2 is what you're looking for. It's a beast. If you just flat out don't want or need a Hammer function the DCD980L2 is identical to the 985 except it lacks the Hammer mode. The 980 can be had for around $259 while the 985 will cost you an extra $50 for a total of $299. Tyler Tool has the 985 on sale for $279 with Free Shipping. That's the cheapest place I can find. Click here to go to the Tyler Tool website.


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I think Kenny may be in the U.K guys,so Milwaukee will cost him about £360 average and the Dewalt he is looking at is about £230

The Dewalt's big brother is about £260,so the Milwaukee is much more expensive.I think if I was a Dewalt fan I would be going for this.


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Former Milwaukee fan converted to Dewalt until someone can show me a Red tool that can do what may dewalt can.

Many other contractors I work with have tried to get me to switch back but they have yet to bring a tool to the table that can even beat my old 18v nicad Dewalt stuff.

So Dewalt all the way fro now anyway!

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