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Metal Conditioning Pads


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I have a tractor with loader to de-rust, strip and paint after 30 years of sitting outdoors.  I have looked at the non-woven conditioning pads, and generally seen good reviews.  Some claim to last longer than others.  4.5" and 2" roloc would be the likely sizes I would get.  Does anyone have a favorite product?

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For the smaller roloc discs I've used 3m stuff and it never disappoints. I usually use the

scotch brite pads on a die grinder and they work good for rust but they clog up with paint so keep that in mind. I wouldn't reccomend them with a grinder, I would use something like this https://www.amazon.com/Paint-Rust-Stripping-Cup-Wheel/dp/B008GS91TE. They do make the scotch brite type discs for an angle grinder but you need to get a backing pad and for just a bit more you can get these which I think do a better job with an angle grinder

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I bought some stuff from Empire and got a chance to try it this weekend.  Among things, I got the blue Black Hawk Stripping Discs for both 4.5" and the 2" roloc.  That material is awesome.  I did a little experimentation on the tractor bucket.  I think one 4.5" disc and a day, and I can have the tractor bucket ready for a finish Scotch-Brite and then epoxy primer.


The 4.5" disc is $5, http://www.empireabrasives.com/4-1-2-easy-strip-paint-removal-disc/


I also got some red conditioning pads, and used one of them to prep  a car for touch-up work. 


Also, Empire has flap discs with different grades of Scotch-Brite like material on them.  I got one ($7) but cannot report on it, as I have not had a chance to try it yet. 


Empire is almost to metal abrasives like Klingspor Woodworking is to wood abrasives.  Well, maybe not close, because Klingspor has a fantastic selection of quality products, but I was impressed with my small Empire order.

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On 10/11/2016 at 11:27 PM, KnarlyCarl said:

Oh wow you got your work cut out for you!

Going to be doing any sand blasting?

I have an old sandblaster that I got from Sears about 40 years ago.  I don't use it much.  It is messy, and I don't have a blast box.  Even if I did, the loader bucket is way too big. 


Basically I just want to clean up the bucket enough to get epoxy primer on the back side, and than regular primer and some generic paint on the bucket.  My days of rough bucket use are hopefully over, so I figure I can touch up annually.  Besides, fresh paint helps release snow from the bucket, when shoveling out after snow storms.

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