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Makita chop saw


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I've ran two makita chopsaws, one is still running and one is isn't. They were both good solid saws. The only issue is that they are built a little light, but it the Milwaukee that replaced one doesn't seem much better. They never had a problem with cutting or power, just with the base and everything falling apart. They were abused by too many guys running through the shop though. Solid saws if you treat them right. First thing to break will be the guard. Those usually get clipped off or unbolted pretty early on though.

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2414NB since I can't stop the hands. It really has handles a lot of wear really well. I just am not a big fan of abrasive chopsaws. It is on par with other portable chopsaws. Cheaper and probably more durable than a band saw. Worth the money if you will be cutting a lot of metal. Threw a ton of metal through this doing facility renovations at the Dairy.

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