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Soft Impact (oil impulse driver)


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I made the plunge today on one of these. It's model TS141D.

Takes a bit getting used to. It's quiet and smooth. There's been a lot of talk regarding the numbers on these in terms of power. People complaing it doesn't have the torque. I can assure you it has torque. I drive 3½" screws into dry lumber and drove it as far into it as I could and it never stopped. It's got power. 

I currently own a DTD148 which I love but I find the rpm of speed 3 is a bit high and can cause the bit to jump the screws at times unless you're perfectly square behind the screws. That was my reason for trying this impact. I'll wait to use it a bit longer to give a final verdict but after one day, I'm loving it.

Purchased at AtlasMachinery in Toronto.




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On 10/21/2016 at 11:42 AM, rrich1 said:

nice! i would love an all black one. i dont see it on their website. are you in canada? if not how much was it in us dollars?

I am in Canada. The store I got it imported directly from Japan and they only had two in black. Matches my other DTD148. It cost $399 here. It was a bit pricey but for an every day impact for what I do is well worth it.

I can tell you it doesn't have the same torque as my DTD148. I was driving some 4 inch Tapcons last week and it struggled and stopped at times. This isn't a driver for heavy use that's for sure.

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