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Parts for All Pro Professional Tools Jig Saw


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I was given an All Pro Professional Tools Cordless Jig saw (Model APT-4PC-1) 18V 1700 RPM and the battery has no charge.  The cordless jig saw is in awesome condition and I would like to order a new charger and battery but cannot find a website to order from.  I know it is a long shot, but has anyone heard of this brand or know where I could find a new charger and battery? I have included some pictures of it from all angles. 


Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. 









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Just wondering if you ever were able to get anywhere with finding a charger or battery for this.  I have the exact same saw, flashlight, drill and sander and have a battery but no charger and would really like to get a charger and another battery but have searched in town at all the stores and online and came across your post.  I know it’s two years old but thought I check go see if you found anything or it best to get rid of the set?



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There are many brands that some importer slaps a name on with no product support. They intend for them to be throw aways. If it is just the battery, places like Batteries Plus can rebuild a pack for you. I am guessing it is NiCd powered. If the charger is shot you are probably out of luck. It is a sad state of affairs but even some more expensive imports only have a short replacement warranty with no parts and service support.

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