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hello i am typo, im a 27 year old father of 5, trying to learn asmuch as i can, i have a small youtube channel , thanks if you subscribe :) 

my current hobbies and interests are, online pc games, Welding (learning arc ) wood work, craft and upcycle, knife making and metal forging(new into with a genuine diy bbq forge)computer building, computers,my kids , fishing biking, spending time with my partner , hunting, and anything i can do/try i will


i love the country its free, its fun and there is alot of interesting people and trades you get to learn nd meet, 


people call me Typo, cause ive always been famous for my spelling mistakes, and poor grammar, its a problem, that i embrace, once long time ago a guy used my goodname online to scam, 

i got the blame and got locked out from trading, until it was proven on messages and conversations that the person was definatly not me, perfect grammar spelling and everything. people knew me well , and knew it wasnt somthing id do, and my Typos saved me , the scammer wasnt caught, but my name was restored, thankfuly the person was refunded by the mediator who didnt follow id protocol properly, 


so i appoligise for my bad bad spelling, but its my signature ;) but i will try my hardest to makesure my posts make sence :) and if and when needed i make videos as i can talk clear haha 


im a quiet guy , family guy i keep my self to myself, im happy to meet yoou all i hope you dont all hate me toomuch by the end of this, but i have to introducemyself :) im end/ or typo


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On 28/10/2016 at 2:30 AM, KnarlyCarl said:

Whaoh  5 kids before even hitting 30, I guess get them out of the way while you're young huh? LOL welcome aboard!

Hahaha defo !", well funny story ..i had 3 ...then twins lol

I figure there all in skool no so i get a workshop lol

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I can't help it. There's few words that will catch my attention quicker than a baseball bat to the head...knife, martial arts, bowling, and a few others. Something you spend your lifetime doing is bound to catch your interest when someone is talking about it.

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