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Who has the M12 or M18 grease gun?


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Trying to decide on which grease gun to get, and then beyond that if I want a M12 bare tool or to buy a kit with compact battery if choosing the M18.


The M12 is cheap, I already have batteries, but it doesn't come with a case, two speeds, or a grease counter dial. the hose is also shorter.


the M18 obviously costs more but has a case (not about to store a grease gun in a canvas milwaukee bag) and a compact battery which I could use with my impact driver. It also has two speeds, a longer hose, shoulder strap and the charger.


Looking at Recon, so the cost at the moment for the M18 recon hit is $190 shipped or the M12 bare tool is about $130 shipped. For the extra $60 would you go for the bigger tool, compact battery, charger and case, or would you just get the cheaper one? (note, I do not use a grease gun every single day)

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I use the m12 at work but it's not used all the time, just for a small excavator, skid steer, scissor lift, smaller things like that. The biggest thing is probably the counter on the m18. The m12 works great because it's not used all day every day.

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7 minutes ago, Stercorarius said:

What do you use it on?


Various HVAC motors on rooftop A/C units, exhaust fans, dumpster doors, my cars, and the occasional helping someone else out with their projects.


No heavy equipment and not daily use. I think the decision is so hard because the cary case with the M18. the grease gun I have now has to be wrapped back in a plastic garbage bag after every use because the grease eventually drips out somewhere. At least a plastic case works better. On eBay they go for like $50, so it makes no sense to buy a bare tool and then pick up the case. With the other bare tools I got, I toss stuff in a canvas bag that may cost $15-$20, but no way I'm putting a grease gun in a cloth bag.


So basically, I need the M12 gun, but desire all the accessories that the M18 ships with.

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My m12 gun came in a stiff canvas zipper "suitcase" .. Best I can describe it. I keep rags in too, so I can wipe it down before putting it back. Still makes a little mess, but it's not bad. It has elastic bands and Velcro straps to keep it and the hose from moving around. It came with the charger but I took that out pretty quick so it wouldn't get greasy

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