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Suggestions for table saw purchase (Kobalt w/stand vs. DeWalt compact)


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I'm an aspiring, green-as-grass woodworker and don't have a miter or table saw. I'm under the impression that table saws are the way to go if you have to choose between one or the other, so I'm going to buy one first and then get a miter if needed.


I'd like to stay within budget (meaning $300 or less) and prefer one that's portable. I've heard a lot of good things about DeWalt's  DW745 and DWE7480, and like how compact they are. If I were to go with them, I'd still end up purchasing a stand (whether roller or stationary). I've also heard good things about Kobalt's table saw with built-in roller stand (https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-15-Amp-10-in-Carbide-Tipped-Table-Saw/50056619). It's listed at $279, making it cheaper than both DeWalts, and often goes down to $199 or lower on Black Friday. I like the fact that the stand is included for that price, but am aware that it's attached to the saw. Still looks like a solid deal, and it can also use dado blades.


Any feedback or suggestions for which way to lean? Thank you!

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I initially purchased the kobalt last black Friday for the $200 price. I never took it out of the box. I'm very indecisive and wanted to make sure I bought what i needed/wanted. The saw looked fine and is a direct copy of the delta portable saw. I ended up taking it back because of just how small it was. I wanted something more stable and larger work support surface.

I took that back and got a Bosch and again took that back realizing I could get a little bigger saw that took up the same space with the portable saws folded up.

If it were me and I needed the saw to be portable I would get the ridgid. I know it is $400 but I would check to see if your home depot accepts harbor freight 20% off coupons. That would drop it down to $320. Also they mirror Menard's rebate weeks. You could send in a copy of your receipt and get an 11% back on a home depot gift card.

Have you searched craigslist/Facebook marketplace/or even varagesale?

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