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Pretty sure it only indicates what country the tool was sold in. For example here in Australia all of our dewalt tools end with -xe. So only locally sold tools are covered by warranty. We could send to the U.S. and purchase the same tools slightly cheaper than local ones but dewalt Australia wont cover them under warranty.  the 'n' suffix just indicates a 'naked' tool as in just the skin - no batteries or charger or wasnt part of a kit.  i think the 'b' suffix means 'bare tool'

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I tried very hard to find the significance of the xj added to dewalt model numbers. On 4Oct20 I entered a chat conversation on www.dewalt.com and the advisor asked me where I was speaking from. When I said UK he told me that it was "support for USA and Canada. Reach out to your support at 01753 511 23." I replied that since we were in a chat could he just answer the simple question regarding the XJ. He refused. Not very helpful!

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Update to "the significance of the -XJ added to DeWalt model numbers".


I emailed support at www.DeWalt.co.uk on Sunday 4 October 2020 and I have still not had a reply on Wednesday. On Monday (the following day) I did receive an email asking me to complete a survey on the quality of the support service.


I also emailed a registered DeWalt dealer who sold the dcs367n-XJ. His reply was "All the DeWalt Cordless tools have the suffix -XJ in the body only format". However, looking at their website they have bare units with and without the -XJ.

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Update of:

What the difference between DeWalt dcs367n and dcs367n-XJ (sold in Screwfix)?
What is the significance of the -XJ added to DeWalt model numbers?


Reply from DeWalt UK support Oct 2020

The -XJ is only our internal code for ordering a bare unit.
There is no difference in the actual tool.


So, the dealer was correct

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