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Replacement Battery Packs


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Hey guys,

I am Chris from cheapbatterypacks.com. I there are some rules that dont allow this post, let me know mod's, I couldnt find much info. Not trying to spam or anything, and I know that different forums have different rules.

Anyhow, we rebuild a lot of drill and power tool packs here for customers. I figured I would post up and try to help you folks with all of your battery needs. We dont list anything on our site, but have many inquiries and have rebuilt many many packs. Prices are competitive, and we can make you some crazy powerful packs to make your power tools rock!

Below is a pic of a couple packs I did recently. We can re-pack anything that has a case that can be pulled apart nicely. IE, un-screwed.

I know we are all trying to save money in this crappy economy. Many folks are doing what they can to keep their existing tools, and not replace them when the batteries die. This is a great way for you to save some money, and fix what you have.

Many of the packs we re-build, get a much higher power and capacity cell. So you will have more power, and run time before you need to re-charge. If you have any questions, PM me, or send an email to chris<at>cheapbatterypacks.com


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No problems pal. At this point I'm just glad it's in english. Are you capable of Lithium rebuilds yet?

That has sparked our interest actually. We have discussed doing lithium conversions, or re-building existing Lion packs.

Since we have been doing the battery thing for 10 years, we many many resources.

Are there places rebuilding lithium packs right now?

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