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What's on your Christmas list?


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My Mom called today and told me to email her some links to stuff I want for Christmas. Christmas? geez, is it that close already? I guess it is so with Christmas just around the corner it's time to start making your list and (if you're like me) 2nd guessing yourself 300 times. I wasted no time in shooting her a link to a 15 piece set of Proto ASD combo wrenches, a set of Proto "super" screwdrivers, and one of those awesome looking stud finders from Franklin sensors. What's on your list?

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I'm looking at the Bosch, with their new impact driver with that fancy 1/2" drive combo chuck has certainly got my attention, and I do like their radio. I'm only really going to look at the drill and driver as I don't put to much stock in 18v sawzalls and circular saws although if the price for the set was right.

If only the manufacturers would upgrade their 28v/36v tools......

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What I'm really dreading is the lame tool gifts by well meaning friends and relatives. I'm wondering what tool du jour their local merchants will entice them with this year. I usually end up some thing like a battery operated adjustable wrench or some other type of foolishness that I have to keep around the shop forever so no feelings get hurt. Care to guess what it might be this year?

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Dunno bro. Sears was pushing their Max access wrench which was nothing more than a patent side-stepping, Chinese, copy of the American made Loggerhead bionic wrench.


Of course Sears contends that the Max Access is a "totally unique tool" that functions differently than the loggerhead. I guess it's better than the battery powered adjustable wrench.

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