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Miller MM215


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I myself haven't used the 215. Used a lot of millers larger units but not the 215. However from what I know about the 215 is it's somewhat small. I would go bigger then smaller. How much bigger depends on your budget. Electrical requirements must be kept in mind as well. 


It will really be pushing it to do stuff on a farm. It's not meant for heavy or medium use. Stuff like latches on horse stalls or something is fine. At most weld some thin wall pipe fence but that's about it. Don't expect to be doing tractor buckets or big cattle chutes. 


Now for the body shop or serious do it yourselfer it's not bad. Auto body panels, bicycle frames, basketball hoops an stuff are fine. 


For a first welding machine to learn the basics on it's a decent start. Just keep in mind your limitations. 


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Personally I love the 215 and when I get all my other shit paid off ?, I wouldn't mind having one. You can't go wrong with Miller, and I love the auto set and multi-process features. 


Like Fletcher was saying, the max weld thickness of 3/8" is gonna be sufficient in most farm type applications, but it's not going to give you an "anything you can throw at it" type capability. Personally 3/8" would be sufficient for me, but I don't know what your intentions are.


It is also worth noting that the 215 is DC only. The downside to that is that when you get into Tig welding (the eventual preference of all welding enthusiasts) you aren't going to be able to Tig aluminum meaning you will have to Mig it with a spool gun and 100% argon gas.


The 215 is a great unit and would make a fine unit on which to learn multiple welding disciplines, it may even be all the welder you will ever need, but with a 3/8" limit, it might not be all the welder you ever want. 


Of of course you could always pick up a Lincoln tombstone on the cheap later on for thicker stuff 

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Boss bought one today after I failed to convince him to get an AC one. Awesome little unit. Really freaking light. The lift start Tig takes some getting used to, but at least it isn't scratch start. They are running a $200 off promo on the Tig kit through the end of the month I think. The only thing that I thought was odd about buying this is that if you want Tig and aluminum capabilities out of this it is only $15 less than the AC capable dedicated Tig unit and more than it without the promo. 

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I doubt I will need it to do anything real heavy. I have a big old Miller stick machine if need be. It was my Father in laws and I need to clean it up, but I'm sure it works fine.


I need to get off the fence and do something in the next couple of days before the promo runs out.


They hold their value pretty well so if I don't like it, which I'm sure I will, I could get most of my money back.

thanks all,


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On 12/31/2016 at 7:25 AM, DiverDn said:

Update, I decided to hold off on buying anything for now.


I'm going to wait until I get into the class a bit and see how it goes.


I'm sure Miller will have another promo soon.

thanks for the help.



I think that was a wise decision. Hope the class goes well for you!

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