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New to power tools and forum as well


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Hi guys,

I am from India. We were building the first floor of our house and I wasn't very pleased with the work and lackadaisical attitude of the contractors, so I decided to let them go and have a crack at the work that is left on my own. In India, the frame is built using bricks and plastered with cement 99% of the time. That part of the house is done. I now have to build the sloped false ceiling, do the tiles, plumbing and electrical work. As we have the ground floor to live in, I can take my time with the above mentioned projects and hence why I decided to tackle it myself without having any prior experience. 10-15 years ago, a thing like that might not have been possible. But thanks to the power of Internet and guys like you, we can share our knowledge and learn and practice a lot of stuff which we can't have even thought of before.


At the time of writing this post, the only power tools I have in my hands is a corded Bosch 500W Impact drill and a corded Dewalt DW801 4" Angle Grinder .

The past two weeks I have been doing my research, watching and reading reviews and what not. The only thing I haven't done is read any long-term reviews and that's why I have joined this forum, hoping that among other things, I get to see some good long term reviews. All the reviews and videos I have watched so far have been lacking when it comes to comment on the reliability and life of the tools.


Cordless power tools are crazy expensive in India. Also we don't get a big line-up of tools and offerings from US companies like DeWalt and Milwaukee. Hitachi, Makita and Bosch do have the latest offerings available but at 2-3 times the price in US and with lower capacity batteries. For example, DeWalt still sells the 18V DCD771C2 with 1.5Ah batteries for USD200 over here. Other companies like Bosch, Hitachi and Makita only offer their 12V products at $150-200, while their 18V lineup is in the $300-400 range for single tool kits. So, I decided to buy from US/Canada but Amazon and other courier companies have stopped shipping products with Li-Ion batteries. That left me in a bit of a fix. Luckily one of my friends is coming from Canada for a wedding and has graciously accepted to carry some tools for me. It helped that this coincided with the festive period and I was able to grab a couple of good deals.


I managed to snag the DeWalt DCK299M2 Combo kit for CDN 282/USD 208. It comes with DCD996 Hammer Drill and the DCF887 Impact Driver and 2 4.0aH batteries and the charger. It hasn't shipped yet as it showed Temporarily Unavailable when I ordered it, but I hope Amazon deliver on their promise and ship it once it comes back in stock and just not cancel the order. The price went back up to CDN 399 after I had placed my order, so I was lucky I could sneak in my order at the discounted price and hope they ship it.

I also went ahead and ordered the DEWALT DCG412P2 20V MAX Lithium Ion Grinder Tool Kit  I ordered this kit just because it is an inexpensive way to snag 2 5.0aH batteries with a fast charger with a decent tool. Bought this one for CDN 225/USD 166.

Prices for power tools were usually higher in Canada compared to US, but the sales prices were definitely much sweeter.


I'll add a Flexvolt Circular Saw and Recip Saw in the future if these ones turn out to be reliable and we see more long term reviews of them. For now I'll just buy a good Corded versions of those.


Sorry for the long intro guys, I get excited when I pick up a new hobby as that means new toys to play with. :D

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