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4.0 amp WorX vs 5.0 amp Rockwell?


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Hi all-
Have been wanting to get one of those hand held mini circular saws for some time.   I found a Rockwell 5.0 amp (RK3441K) for around $90 with tax, and it has high ratings on Amazon and elsewhere.
However I have also found a WorX 4.0 amp mini saw (WS429L)  marked on clearance, also with high ratings..... which with the sale I can get for around $45.   Both have the 4 1/2" blade.
Thats half the price.   I guess my question is, with the mini hand saws....  is 5.0 amp and Rockwell name worth the extra money?
Of course nobody likes tools that can't cut it, but it seems close in amperage and both tools pretty much perform the same functions.
Also I'm not quite sure higher amperage always means more torque.

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19 minutes ago, jeffpas said:

I'm not quite following.
So as a budget brand, it would be made cheaper?
I'm looking at paying 2x as much for the regular Rockwell 5 amp over the 4 amp.

I just can't tell if its worth that considerable jump in price :/

look at it this way what are the chances the higher priced tool will be 2x as good? get the cheap one it's not like your talking thousands of dollars difference. Your actually talking about a tool that is in it's own niche market. I had one a buddy gave me and I deemed it useless I in turn gave it to another buddy, granted it wasn't the brand your talking about but it did the same thing 


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I actually have a number of uses for this I am renovating apartments and I need this to cut the bottoms off doors, cut holes in drywall, cut paneling and bathroom sheeting, etc.
I've been using a jigsaw (horrible) and a multi-max dremel (works, but takes forever and the bits wear out instantly and cost a fortune).
A full size circular saw is just too cumbersome.   
I've since tried out both, the Rockwell seems to have a lot more power but its heavier.   I guess it comes down to will this thing burn out if say I use it to cut into plaster (with the right blade, of course) or other tasks.
Prudence says get the better motor but dang, 2x the price?   that just makes you feel like a fool lol.
Just wondered if anybody had any experiences with these models.

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Honestly, (In my opinion) for something like this, that Amp can be a big deal. That's 20% more power for something that, at times, will probably be struggling to get through materials...but yeah, two times the price is steep for 20% more power.


$70 for the Rockwell: http://www.ebay.com/itm/RK3441K-Rockwell-4-1-2-Compact-Circular-Saw-/201224159027



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