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Large Dewalt tools


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Most of us are familiar or probably own what I consider large tools from Dewalt like the miter saws, job site table saws, and even the thickness planer.  Does anyone know if they plan on putting out other large tools like a stand alone drill press or a spindle sander? Personally I'd also love a router table.


Any other you guys would like to see? Or is anyone close to the Dewalt camp able to provide some more details?

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I would love to see a drum sander.  I love the one that I have, but it would be nice to see the 4 big tool makers come out with something geared toward woodworking.  


From how I understand it, most of the tool makers have backed away from woodworking tools and concentrate on the trades.  That is why you don't see many big tools.  Case in point, they can make jobsite saws, but don't put any effort into cabinet saws.  Kind of a bummer.

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9 hours ago, DR99 said:

The big guys have left the stationary tool game to companies like Jet, Grizzley, Laguna, forgetting a bunch of them. Even Ridgid had has cut back on stationary tools over the years it seems.


I agree.  It really seems like the big names are so focused on portable tools for tradesmen, and then trying to outdo each other with bigger and better batteries that the larger tools are sort of an afterthought.

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