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Banana clamp Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

You would be correct! It's a tune up set for point ignition systems called "Snap Gap" or sometimes "Dial A Gap" from the mid 1960's. This is a Blackhawk branded set, but they were sold by several bran

I would have got it if you had a banana.  Apple just doesn't cut it.   Anything to do with a bandsaw?

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1 hour ago, albert.amantea said:

Yes, they are used together, but do not come in contact with other. In fact, if they did, it would be impossible to properly use the tool.

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Oh I see it now. A sheet goes in between it the two pieces which are held together by magnets. Is it used to mark the outline of a piece on the bottom of a material onto the top?

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Ok, no banana for scale, but I did have this...


To summarize the hints...

1. Used in woodworking, rarely, but when needed, there is no other way to accomplish the task.
2. Hit the top of the piece with the spring repeatedly, flip the workpiece, and do it again all the way around.
3. Used with power tools only.

Bonus hint: the two pieces are used together, but do not touch each other. If they did, there is no way to do the task.

The workpiece attaches to the smaller part.

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