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Banana clamp Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

You would be correct! It's a tune up set for point ignition systems called "Snap Gap" or sometimes "Dial A Gap" from the mid 1960's. This is a Blackhawk branded set, but they were sold by several bran

I would have got it if you had a banana.  Apple just doesn't cut it.   Anything to do with a bandsaw?

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Is there a brand on that?  I have never seen anything like that and I bet you are right that does not get used often.


Hmmm, see what I can come up with.


Yeah, this particular saw set is from Craftsman. It's pretty old, though. Circa 1950's I think. It works great. I've used it several times to fix bent teeth from hitting hard knots and the occasional nail or screw in reclaimed lumber.

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1 minute ago, rrmccabe said:

Pain on this vehicle. Just pulling the starter to install it is a chore. Should have torqued the damper with the motor on the stand.

I'm sure anything from the year 2000 is a pain........

btw I knew what the tool was the second I seen it but posted a joke  first.....lol

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