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Ratchet wrench teardown process


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Hey Guys,

  Can anyone give me correct instructions on how to dissemble a AC Delco 3/8 ARW 1201 Cordless Ratchet Wrench? I can't get the big nutt loose. I attached a photo of the tool for reference. I've looked online with no luck. Anyone know how i take this apart?











       S "










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I can't tell if it is reverse or not, the only view of the head removed is the I image on the Exploded Parts diagram, and that drawing doesn't show me anything that may indicate either way. 

I ve locked down on it and tried to knock it loose, but I've not even budged it. I've tried both directions. I have held back just a little, I don't want to break it, so I am not going to put extreme pressure on it until I know I'm not going to break something. But, I sure would like to know how to get it off.  

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now I'm going out on a limb here but I wouldn't be surprised that the end needs to be removed first, where the socket goes I mean once that is removed the shaft can turn most likely ....I'm just guessing but makes sense......something is holding it from turning and that would do it.

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So I called AC Delco/Durafix direct, and they put me through to their repair Technician. He explained to me how to remove the bolt and how to get the ratchet head off which only comes off in 1 piece. 

He said he has built a special vise clamp and he heats the bolt up enough to burn the Locktite off from behind the bolt. He said after i get the locktite off, it should come loose if I can get a good bite on it and give it a good wack.

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I'd be careful with the heat because the metal will get hot and melt the plastic, just stick it on carpet and put your foot on it and take your adjustable wrench or combo wrench and hammer to it and start whacking it will come off just don't be afraid to go gorilla on it takes a good solid wack my air impact ratchet was a pain took a few solid blows.

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