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Ryobi 12 volt line??????


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With Ryobi traditionally being a line for the homeowner or DIYer it seems like they would have a kick ass 12v line. Don't get me wrong, I think some of the Ryobi products are just as good as the big boys but with the price range they try and reach a 12v line just makes sense. Imagine a 12v drill and impact kit similar to Ridgid for about $79. I would absolutely buy one for everyday use.

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10 minutes ago, JimboS1ice said:

They have a small 12v line but never amounted to anything, I think they are a stick pack too but they don't really push them


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Wow a 12v line that's actually smaller than DeWalt's lolololol

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all my 18 volt tools are dewalt, about a year ago i wanted to get  into a smaller battery platform because of all the cabinet building we were doing, dewalt had nothing, which i wanted, so i tried milwaukee m12 fuel, and havnt stopped buying yet, they are great little tools

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2 hours ago, JimboS1ice said:

Dewalt could have an awesome 12v line they just don't care about it, they produced 12v lasers and turn around and a year later come out with 20v lasers

these know it alls from dewalt will make 12v brushless tools but it'll be brushless potato peeler, hot glue gun and an inflater for blowing up air mattresses for when ur hosting inlaws. that will be 1st phase and after a year only bring out the drill and impact and that will be the only release from phase 2. 

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Homeowners don't care about weight, and five cheap cells with a junk motor will perform on par with three good cells and a high end motor.  Three junk cells and a cheap motor isn't good for much besides being cheap.  The big deal of Ryobi is that it's cheap, functional tools since people who only care about cheap and not functional can get cheaper versions at harbor freight.

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