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Desktop Drill Press Fence How-To


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Well I figured I would make a drill press fence for my small desktop drill, now this procedure can be done for a larger drill press as well it is all on the same principle.

Items needed:

Some kind of wood ( depending how much you want to spend or if you have scraps)

T-Track 3/4" standard

3/4" wood screws


5/16" hex blots for T-track and knobs ( you can buy a cheap kit for around $10)

2 slide locks

this project cost was about $30

if anyone wants detailed measurements PM me I will follow up with them but for this How-To I'm just going to show you how it goes together.


Started out with a piece 18 1/2' x 13' you can make this as big or small as needed/wanted, Cut cut out a semi circle for the drill press post but it is not needed....


I then took it and cut grooves for T-track approx 3" in from both sides full length.



With the T-track screwed in place it serves purposes, it allows for bolts with angled clamps. (waiting for bent aluminum not in picture) and also allows the fence to be moved as much as you need.


The fence itself is made up from 3 pieces, along with a length of T-track, this allows a stop block that can slide from one side to the other or if wanted you could add another stop block.


On the backside of the fence I used aluminum angle, to secure to the fence and also allows for bolts to fit the T-track for adjustment.


Here is where it gets tricky, because the nature of the desktop drill press, it has a hand crank to raise and lower the drill bed, because of this it is very close to the new fence so in place it can not be turned, so I fixed this issue with the following way I connected the fence and bed to the drill press cast bed. By using 2 slide locks I simply drilled 2 holes in the side of the cast bed in the place I wanted the new bed and fence to generally sit.


I then moved the cast bed out far enough so the hand crack would be able to turn without any obstruction and drilled 2 more holes to keep new bed in place. ( you could just take the bed and fence off adjust height and replace but this is much easier) 


a shot of how it looks from the underside, if you do this very close measurements the bed becomes very secure.


all back and tightened down


for the center I cut out a section and replaced it with a piece of sacrificial wood that can be easily replaced or flipped over.....



I will update this when the Aluminum is finished.....

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