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 The door & jambs i put together for the bathroom worked out well. Now, i realize, since there are 6 doors in that hallway, it would probably be a good idea that they match. So, I'm starting to accumulate the oak to do the job. spent some time alone wandering the aisles of menards, saw they have router templates for the strike and hinges, Porter Cable #'s 59370 & 59375. I did the door free hand with a finish router, a coupla small errors, templates would be nice. Anyone use them? Any input?

Thanks for reading.

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I have a Bosch door template set with extensions and an extra template. I also keep a small trim router dedicated to that setup. It takes the guess work out of hanging multiple doors when doing remodel or hanging custom doors. If you plan on hanging a large number of doors in your future, I would highly recommend picking up some sort of template set. If you are only going to work on just this one project, then it might not be very cost effective, and creating a jig out of plywood might be a better course of action.

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I have both porter cable jigs that you mention. They are very easy to set up and use. Just be careful when you place the router in the jig as any knick you make in the jig will usually translate to the wood. Same goes for removing the router. 

If you are using hinges and strike plates with square corners you will need a corner punch. You can do it with a chisel. But the punches are nice to have. 


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I think I'm 'adding to cart' again.

thank you for the replies

You won't regret it, and definitely order yourself a corner chisel...

Oh yeah, make darn sure you keep track of the little plastic pins and the dbl headed nails that come with it. It's useless without them and they are easy to loose, but difficult to replace.

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just did 3 pairs of hinges for 2 doors and jambs

damn that was quick! wish the 'depth' was more adjustable.last door i made, i set the hinges a little farther in/on/back.

next dumb question, they use 3p double headed nails. quick google search reveals nada in that size. suggestions?

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