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prices are shipped, USPS priority. payment,  check/m.o./ paypal gift

'regular' paypal, add the 3% fee


dewalt dw880 die grinder, complete with guard and wrench, (12) 4x1/16 sait cut off wheels thrown in, USA made. Used on a couple of jobs years ago, and put away,




milwaukee 5211 3'' die grinder. USA made. bought on a job ( again, years ago), sitting in the crypt for years. i somehow have misplaced the guard






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10 hours ago, JimboS1ice said:

Pretty tempted, I've been watching for a die grinder

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you are local. we could meet, you could check both out, you will save shipping costs. abouts $20 or so

more if you bring cheetos. i have beer

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