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Dewalt cordless jigsaw


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I haven't really been posting much.  Still get on here and check it out, a few times a week.


This isn't a question or problem topic.  More like, "Hey, I like this" topic.


The DeWalt 20v jigsaw.  I've had it about a year and I'm really happy with it.  I don't use it often, but everytime I do, I like it.  Just used it yesterday and I was so happy with the quality of cut.  Everything seems to work so good.  I wish it had an LED on it, but other than that, I have no complaints.  


That's all I've got.  A good tool and I thought it deserved an honorable mention.



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I can't justify replacing the 18 volt one I have. I still have 2 good lithium batteries plus 5 of the NiCads, I think  it and the right angle drill, will probably end up being the last items that get replaced. I am slowly sliding toward the 20V line and made a bit of a jump last year with the miter saw, blowers and string trimmer.

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Personally this is one of those tools that brushless makes no sense. I can't imagine anyone using it enough to justify the charge of upgrading. It's nearly a perfect tool as is, just as mentioned needs a good light. Blower works great, blade advance is fantastic, tons of power, fast for clean cuts, and variable speed for fine control. 


If you're holding out...I wouldn't hesitate at buying it. I put it up there among the ranks of the DCN660 as the best of the best that Dewalt has to offer in cordless tools. 

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1 hour ago, ChrisK said:

Hmmmm......I've got the Makita, it's brilliant, wish I had the Carvex (I have the corded version) but here are some pics to help :)






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1 hour ago, Hugh Jass said:

Huh I hadn't even seen this style in cordless...but it appears to be user supported for a large battery, no? Balance isn't necessary for every tool I know but I prefer it when available. 

The ones I have tried honestly don't suffer from balance though the Milwaukee looks the most tipsy. Im sure it's centered by the head though.

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I have a corded Milwaukee barrel grip.  It's been fine.  26 years and still going strong, but it's also a tool that doesn't get daily use.  All of the other Milwaukee tools, that I bought 26 years ago, have died long ago.


The DeWalt jigsaw is just one of their better tools.  Runs so smooth.  I was cutting circles in 2x material and the blade stayed on track.  I'm sure there are alot better ones out there, but I am happy with it.  I would say it reminds me of a sewing machine running.

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