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My old shop space.


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Digging through some old files today I found a couple of pictures that I had forgotten about... My old shop before it was demolished for a new highway project south of Jacksonville, Florida many years ago. Space was at a premium and these pics do a good job of depicting how it was used.



Holz-Er 1265. Main panel saw used to break down all panels and straight line rip up to twelve foot lumber.



Jib crane located at the back side of the panel saw.


This was a custom build by my brother and me, built for maximum coverage of the room, limited by clearance requirements of both the ceiling and the saw. Hanging off of it is the prototype vacuum panel lift attachment. At the time, I could not find anyone willing to give me a quote to build one to my specifications, and this was the result of a lot of research with a little bit of experimentation mixed in. On the back wall is the steel lumber rack we built while we were in metal fabrication mode.



My assembly bench with its slide out lower work surface is visible in this one. Drawers on either side held a collection of hardware most commonly used on assembling cabinets prior to the shift to almost exclusive solid surface fabrication.



The jib built for unloading heavy materials prior to the construction of the section of the addition in the next picture. Couldn't leave anything outside of the shop or the local nimrods would steal it, so the air hoist had to be stored inside and only brought out when needed and immediately returned inside afterwards.



This was the newer section of the shop. Overhead is the beam trolley we built to move large items and panels around. It was a life saver.


On the back right is a home built stroke sander, purchased from Claude Graham Sr.. When the state started the domain acquisition, I could not find anyone interested in the sander, so I ended up scrapping the main frame and boxing up the rest of the parts. Bit of a shame that. Mister Graham was a master furniture builder located in downtown Jax, who was starting to prep for retirement when I bought the sander from him. Several years earlier I had purchased the old Delta unisaw located in the fore ground. Gave it to my brother recently, but still have the sliding table setup that came with it. The six inch joiner on the left I had also purchased from him shortly after the saw. It was a Milwaukee, Delta, Rockwell brand. One of the very few tools I have ever seen with that mix on the badge. Sold it about five years ago or so due to lack of storage space and a severe lack of need for that large of tool anymore.


I do have more pictures around, but I am not sure if they have been digitized or not. These were all that were in that particular folder. The shop itself no longer exists, and I believe its location is now a retention pond next to an exit ramp. They acquired the shop from me shortly before the housing crash and I never had the energy to start over in a new location.


The lifts in the pictures were built so that I could work on my own after an accident left me with the use of only one arm for several years during the recovery period. In truth I never could do without them afterwards. I still have all of the lifts, disassembled and stored in the wood rack in my current garage. I just need to build a space big enough for them...

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Very cool shop, man I bet that place was sweet to get some projects done, bummer about locals stealing stuff could have been even cooler with some out door storage could have even had a smaller mill fir making your own lumber, thank's for sharing dude


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On 1/23/2017 at 10:26 PM, JimboS1ice said:

Very cool shop, man I bet that place was sweet to get some projects done, bummer about locals stealing stuff could have been even cooler with some out door storage could have even had a smaller mill fir making your own lumber, thank's for sharing dude


For a number of years there was a crack house across the street, back in the woods. Cops nick-named it "The Little Congo". Business that moved in directly across the street ended up buying their land just to get rid of the problem. Still didn't stop the idiots from routinely scoping out if there was anything not fastened in place, but it slowed down the incidents and got rid of the occasional gun battles, and all the random crack heads that used to wander down the street on a regular basis.


I always did want a bandsaw lumber mill, but never could find the budget for one while still in that  shop.

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2 hours ago, rrmccabe said:

Cool. That panel saw is amazing. But no details on El Camino?

Sorry, that El Camino was my work truck for many years, but it's long gone... Sold shortly after that picture was taken. Another victim of lack of space and time to work on it. It was at the point of needing a complete tear down to the frame rebuild.

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