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My first Bowl


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Turned this bowl on Sunday, it was my first, be gentle please. I like the way it came out,

no finish on it yet, not sure what I am going to do with yet.

I have a bunch of stuff sitting out in the shop screaming for creativity !!!!!    i will see what happens next........


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11 hours ago, JimboS1ice said:

I like it dude, love the grain pattern, I would chose a finish to highlight the interesting grain of that bowl, maybe just some butcher block oil?

I was thinking something just like that...?? I not in any rush, will prob just stare st it for awhile...

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Just now, WigWagWorkshop said:

Beyond awesome for your first bowl, hope my first turns out 1/2 as nice.  I been experimenting with lidded boxes, but none are finished yet, I am just using cheap poplar for practicing. 

Thank you very much !!!

A buddy of mine just gives me pieces of whatever, and I practice with that. I like to start out with something big in mind, that way when I screw it up I can change the design as I go. Kind of like wanting to turn a Louisville slugger.... and eventually making a toothpick !

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3 minutes ago, Jronman said:

cool. was it hard to turn? I have never turned before.

The wood was fairly soft ... and with sharp tools it was very easy turning.. the hardest part was figuring out what you wanted it to look like !

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