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1940s Craftsman drill press clean up!


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A few months ago I posted about getting a Craftsman drill press for an awesome price. Well the cord was a loss and needed to be redone. Well it also needed a good cleaning. I haven't had the time to get to it until after the bathroom was done. Well yesterday I started to tear into it and clean it up. Here is the progress so far. The current plan is to clean it up and hopefully get the original color to come out as much as possible. Like to leave some good patina on it but I wouldn't be opposed to a full on resto. Just would rather not do it right now. Lol. Enjoy the pics.

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1 hour ago, rrich1 said:

Are you talking on the front of head assembly? Manual from 1946 for my drill press looks to have the logo. I believe my motor says '48 on it. I'm at work and can't verify right now.


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The previous logo used from the 1930's was very similar, but they added the "Highest Quality" jazz in 50. The manual may have been copyrighted in 46, but I'm pretty sure they didn't use that emblem until 1950.




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After @rrich1 brought the 1948 catalog to my attention, it appears the logo in question may well have appeared in 48. Most of the new models in the 48 catalog use it, so that's pretty telling. 


In those days catalogs were still illustrated and pictures were reused from year to year. Consequently, they didn't always reflect subtle changes. You might get last years picture, but you weren't going to get next years picture. Therefore, I think the evidence in play suggests the logo did appear in 1948 rather than 1950. 


That's why I love old catalogs, they are our best tool for finding stuff like this. Good catch @rrich1. All the more reason to check out the Collectors Resource section and a real demonstration of the value of the forums!



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1 hour ago, rrich1 said:

I was just looking at a red one online earlier and it looked really good.

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I almost posted the red and cream(maybe eggshell?) but thought it would only look good if you had a lot off red in the shop. It should stand out but red pops a lot.








I think an off-white white really would help sell the age of the unit...can you tell I've been thinking of doing an antique lamp?

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